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Chateauguay, QC
reply to W411

Re: Acanac cable down in Windsor?

"I switch from the backup DSL back to cable"
Not mentioned if your backup DSL is with Acanac if so then contacting support should be the same either by phone or the contact support form. Kudoos to you for having a back up plan if your work depends on internet many don't take it into consideration..When it comes to troubleshooting cable problems it is very rarely on your end (home) and whatever happened will never be revealed by the upper level of the tier(Rogers or Videotron).
Don't sweat it we have to live with it.

Windsor, ON
My backup DSL is currently with Acanac, but either way phone support ends at midnight so I am left with no option for real time troubleshooting.

Email support so far has never responded any sooner than 12 hours after the report, which again is too late to troubleshoot an issue.

I had Cogeco for many years and once in a while they would have a short outage but they have always had a status report on their auto attendant for known outages so at least I could get an answer as to if the outage was an issue at my end (which has never been the case with cable in the 12 years I have been using it).

DSL is a whole other story, I would never rely on Acanac DSL as a main connection, far too unreliable. Slow speeds, intermittent connection drops, support has replaced my modem at least 4 times and all the problems still persist. I don't have the time to follow up to find out why the various trouble tickets have been closed over the years with no contact to me to see if they should be marked as resolved.

The service was a cheap backup, and I liked the idea that if I referred 10 clients I would have free service. Unfortunately (or fortunately in the case of my clients) I stopped making the referrals shortly into the service as it isn't a product I can stand behind.

My problems might be line related, although I was able to convince Bell to put a new NID inline and get rid of the 30 year old service box on my building. I understand that as a reseller you have no power over the physical network but as I have mentioned in other posts, the main issue people have with Acanac is the non-availability of phone support.

Most people will be very tolerant of issues with service if they can pick up the phone and tell someone the service is down in my opinion. I have been a network/computer/cellular/web technician for the last 15 years and my customers rely on me to find the best services to suit their needs, which also includes the best support.

Toronto, ON
There are links to Bell for DSL and Distributel and Cogeco for Cable Network Status pages on the Acanac Community Forum.

Index Page, first forum at the top.

Personally my 2 DSL lines never go down, whereas Cable is a bit more flakey .