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CMTS and Cable Modem

Hello all,

I used to be fairly active on this forum (can't remember my old username though). I owned a WISP that in its peak had around 500 customers. I sold it to the local telco and now I work at the Fire Dept as the Fire Chief.

As for my question, first of all I didn't know what the most appropriate forum was for this... ISPb2b seems more like abunch of salesmen.

The local cable TV company went completely out of business. It was owned by an old man who passed away. The cable completely shut down about a month ago and the city now owns the cable lines (had something to do with the "franchise" agreement with the city?).

My house is barely outside of the ADSL2+ range of ATT and I'm stuck on my old wireless system (900MHz canopy) so I do well to see 2Mbit down. What I was wondering is if I can get on eBay, purchase a used CMTS, put it at my office (I have 18Mbit/s there) and buy a cable modem for the house. I understand the devices will take a little bit of configuration and I should be good with that but I was wondering if there are typically filters all over the lines that would block it (if I'm just using it for my Internet I don't want to spend 2 months tracking down all the little filters). I know my office and my house are on the same physical cable and there's no fiber in the middle. The city said I can use it as long as I'm not making money off it and I get off of it if they choose to sell the lines. The city manager also told me they would give the cable plant to me if I would hire at least 2 people in the first year.

As for taking over the cable system I'd love to but I can't find any resources about how to obtain programming, etc. Line maintenance should be easy for me to learn because I own a small IT company that installs aerial and underground fiber mainly at schools.

The Glitch
Cayuga, ON
The outdoor cable plant would have to be probably severely conditioned for Internet services. If the old cableco did not do Internet then there is no hope to accomplish what you want to do. Cable plant is not a lot different than wireless. You have attenuation and need boosters along the way. Those boosters need power from the head end and have to be bidirectional, etc.
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reply to trey168
The amplifiers must have the capability for return path. You'll need to get a contractor to set up and certify return path, not to mention balance the amplifiers after it's activated. Having two-way communications changes a lot of the power balancing across a cble plant.

John Galt
Forward, March
Happy Camp
reply to trey168
First thing to do is find out what kind of amps are in the trunk line. You should be able to see the manufacturer's name on the cable housing.

The old office might be a treasure-trove of information about the system.

Some pics would be nice, too. For example, the headend and some of the truck/bridge amps.