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Cat god

Riverside, NJ

Failing MCAB1001?

For the past month or two, I've been having a problem with my TV/modem signals going bad every few weeks.

I have a pair of Netgear MCAB1001 MoCa bridges and when my signals go bad, if I unplug the coax in from the MCAB1001 near my modem and then plug it back in, my cable TV/modem signals go back to normal.

This would seem to indicate the MCAB1001 is going bad and putting out noise, though why it only happens occasionally and stops when I remove the coax and put it back is a mystery. I have two other MoCa devices (TiVos), but I don't do anything with them so I don't think they are involved.

Could the MCAB1001 be going bad? I'd get a replacement, but Netgear doesn't seem to make them anymore. I have a password set so I'd need a MoCa bridge that supports that.

I'm going to try and buy a diplex splitter and see if that works around this issue by blocking the bad signals coming out of my MoCa bridge (assuming that's the cause), but I'm wondering if there is something comparable to the MCAB1001?
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