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Ottawa, ON
reply to carcajou

Re: CCTS Annual Report

said by carcajou:

but that they forbid simultaneous litigation to take your case shows they also protect companies.

The CCTS is a mediator; plain and simple. litigation can set precedence; CCTS decisions cannot.


i user acanac and i would recommend them also.
over teksavvy any day .
having had both. acanac has just been far more stable in my experience and far more interested in providing me a valuable service
rather then, paying employees large $ to be there to help with issues on in bell/rogers/cogeco's control and timeframe anyway.


I've had Acanac for over a year, and their system is fairly stable, and the speed is good. However, don't bother trying to call their customer support - it's virtually non-existent. Also the referral program is worthless, I have referred a friend who signed up, and they gave me a run-a-round because he signed up with Cable and my service is DSL. So I never got the free month.

My one year is almost up, and you would expect they would offer me the same deal they offer new customers to keep me, but are offering me the service at full-price. I hate it when providers do this "only for new customers" it's bullshit!

Bottom line is this; their customer service is crap; their technical support is virtual non-existent, their referral program is bull, and their retention strategy is not appealing (to me). At the end of the day, although their prices are low, there's a lot left to be wished for...

I'm currently looking at other options and start and ebox are starting to look quite appealing.