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s bassaw

New Rochelle, NY

Black Fax


I have an HP printer that's exactly two years old. It's an HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless all in one unit. Besides from the occasional paper jam, this device has held up well over the past two years.

I send a lot of faxes for work and rely heavily on the fax portion of this printer. Up until a few days ago, it has always worked perfectly. Now, whenever I send a fax, the recipient receives a page where they can see the text only at the very top, sides, and very bottom of the page. Everything else is masked by a giant black rectangle. I tried sending it to several different machines to make sure it was not an isolated case, but all of them report the same problem. I can still receive faxes perfectly.

I checked the lamp in the scanner and it illuminates properly. I can successfully scan and copy anything, but I cannot send faxes. I tried resetting the printer to defaults but that did not resolve the issue.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

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Hoboken, NJ

What software do you use to send faxes?



said by tmpchaos:

What software do you use to send faxes?

He doesn't use software,. He said he checked the scan and copy and the functions are working. It's a hardware faxprinter all in one.

I still say check for firmware and driver updates.


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BTW, are you using a document feeder or are you scanning the faxes a single page at a time?

Something might be sticking in the scan mechanism.


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Perhaps try a firmware update for your printer if one's available? Update drivers and software too?

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s bassaw

New Rochelle, NY
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Re: Black Fax

The black bar only appears when I fax from the document feeder. However, if I scan from the document feeder, the image comes out clear. It's rather strange..

I checked the ADF access pannel for any sort of debris or blockage and it seems clear.

I will try updating the firmware and will report back.

Fairfield, CA

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Scanner home position for the doc feeder is critical, home position sensor area is where to look maybe even a scanner lock physical issue.


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The mechanism for scanning from an ADF and scanning from flatbed are significantly different.

When scanning from flatbed, the scan head travels the full length of the document window while when scanning from ADF the head remains fixed and the document travels over the head.

It may be something as minor as a sticky sensor switch somewhere that's not allowing the mechanism to kick in properly.

If you can open the ADF and check for any bits of torn paper or schmutz blocking an optical or physical switch you may solve this very quickly.

Heck, the problem could be as simple as blowing out the dust bunnies with a squirt of canned air

Saint Paul, MN
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The ADF normally uses a small strip of glass that is seperate from the flatbed. I do not know if it has a seperate light. From the sample you posted I don't have a suggestion as the text on the sides is fine.
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Spokane, WA
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Looks physical to me. Something getting in the way or ?

I have a machine that copies from the top of the stack but faxes from the bottom (or vice-versa). Perhaps something is getting in the way when fed a certain way. A broken guide or something?

The fact it partially works and apparently quality is ok on visible parts makes it tricky.

Scotch Plains, NJ
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If there was a problem with the ADF, it would affect scanning as well.