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Naperville, IL
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Re: [WIN8] Why such poor task manager?

said by OZO:

said by Badonkadonk:

By the machine, wipe it and install whatever floats your boat.

If he buys machine, he pays for the preinstalled Windows OS. Didn't you know that? Then, wiping it means simple - wasting his money. Is that what you suggest?

Yup. The question was whether the should forego new hardware (he even said they cost so little).
After reading postings from the self so-called experts on the MS and Apple forums, I just have to shake my head sadly.

Hilo, HI
reply to dave
What key? Windows 8 has no COA sticker on the side or bottom of the machine or even inside the case. Dell had to change their method of installation with Win 8 and there is an individual key in BIOS now on each Dell Win 8 computer. Will this key work if I try to install Win 7 Pro as a downgrade? No one seems to know for sure.

Dell said they honor downgrade rights and also said, of course, they will send Reinstallation disks (NOT restore to factory default) if requested AFTER you get the machine. You cannot request on the configurator. After I got the machine, filled out the request form on Dell support page, and entered my service tag number that is what started this mess of contradictory emails from Dell, contradictory statements in Dell forum by employees and long time "Rockstar" posters there, frustration from the person who publishes the Dell Wikis on how to do a clean install of various Dell OSes, Dell customer service reps with different answers, and more confusion, Dell hardware and software support techs, and supervisors with even more confusion....it's been quite a ride.

Dell Sm/Med Business Customer Care told me on the phone a few days ago that even if I bought from Member Purchase Program (which is a division of Dell Sm/Med business) that the configurator was required to offer me the Reinstallation disk for Win 8 (and the downgrade Win 7 Pro disk) but it didn't. In fact it said (as it has ALWAYS SAID FOR ABOUT A YEAR NOW) that disks have to ordered AFTER you receive the machine and input your Service tag on the order form. This rep (located in USA) said if they were not offered on the configurator when I purchased that he would have to get with the Dell website team and get them to add that. He also told me that it was not legal for Dell to refuse to offer me Pro Support on the configurator. I was only offered Basic (India ...special fast cue ...specially trained techs just for XPS and Alienware) but I wanted Pro Support as that is in the USA. I did get Pro Support on the first XPS I bought a few days before Win 8 was released. I told the Sm/Med business Customer Care guy this and I told him that Dell was changing their offerings of this computer and their configurator at least 10 times a day during the time I purchased both of them...some of the time, Dell would say the computer was not available for purchase at all...an hour later it would be there ...but only one config to choose...a bit later 7 configs...then back to one...and every choice on the configurator was changing rapidly too.

This happened to many others too who were purchasing, starting about 4 days before Win 8 was released, but before Black Friday which for MPP started on Nov 15. This Sm/Med business Customer Care tech told me that he could not initiate a return request because MPP Customer Care (which is a part of Sm/Med Business Division) is located in India (that was news to me) and they have to do it. I could not reach them and that is how I eventually got to this USA Sm/Med Business Customer Care person. He tried to reach them in India and got the same recording I did that they were closed and to call back during business hours. Like for me, the recording did not state what the business hours were and he had no idea and was appalled at the sloppiness of the recording.

I could go on and on as that is just a taste of what I am going through but you get the idea. Presently, Dell Social Outreach Customer Care person at Round Rock, Texas (who has been with Dell since 1998) has sent me two USB Keys that are supposed to have setup.exe on them for Win 8 Pro and Win 7 Pro. But I can't boot to either and when I examine the files I can't see "setup.exe" anywhere. Plus, the paper inserts with the keys (and the COA sticker on each key) states that they contain "Replacement Recovery Media for Support Purpose Only and not for distribution with a new computer". I had requested REINSTALLATION DVDs but was told Dell was going green and had moved to USB Keys instead and was sent these.
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Ontario, CAN
reply to Mele20
I thought this thread was about Windows 8 Task Manager?
What exactly is this thread about now? Seems very off topic.

Richmond, VA

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I agree. Are we done discussing the Windows 8 Task Manager? If not, then let me know and I will re-open the thread.