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jack b
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Almost free Upgrade

$10 a month is a pretty strong incentive to move along. Sprint already turned off the iDEN service in my area and when I called to inquire about "no service" they offered to sell me similarly featured (to what I already had) Sprint-Connect PTT capable phones for a dollar.

They also offered to give a me pretty heavy discount for an upgrade to an iPhone with a 2yr commitment, which I subsequently took.
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Thank you for actually posting a reasonable response. Sprint clearly IS offering these people good upgrades but most of the people in this camp don't see a reason to upgrade their device. At some point you need to incur an extra cost to speed things up. Also, in regards to the comment above about Sprint wasting this spectrum. They have cleared off enough traffic to begin using 800mhz for CDMA voice and after they completey shut down iDEN in June, they will move data services onto it. Considering they initally stated 2017 would be full shut-down, I'd say that was rather speedy.