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reply to clawfury

Re: [Raiding] World of Logs

said by clawfury:

...(outside of things like positioning).

It can help with position as it shows damage taken. So it will let you know if you stood in fire or hit by a cleave. If it is showing a low number of attacks that have positional reqs well then maybe the toon is positioned wrong during the fight.

said by JB:

Ghost > SCCM, for pure simplicity.

Granted SCCM takes more setup and more pieces for it work however SCCM >> Ghost in enterprise environments.
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SCCM wasn't the problem, the SRX caused PXE boot to fail.

And SCCM can do some very cool things, like computer inventory, install of apps based on AD groups, and alot more.

Its very powerful, but at the same time if setup wrong in some way it can do bad things.

in my case it was just a PXE boot failure caused by corrupted UDP packets.