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Slatington, PA
reply to negativeduck

Re: [Speed] Slow Speeds/Latency in Slatington, PA

From those tests, when you initiate a download, it looks like it hits the 50Mb/s and greater. I don't understand how when I try anything on this side, it doesn't get higher than 10Mb/s. I did have someone come out already...is this other person you are thinking of sending going to run the same tests or have the ability to do something else? At this point I'm wondering if I shouldn't cut my losses and just downgrade back to DOCSIS 2.0 and the 25Mbps service and hope for the best. It just seems like that's giving up and a failure on RCN's part. I signed up for 50 as a test to see how it performed with the idea of going to 75 once it was successful. I telecommute to work and the higher the speed the better. I just want to get the speed I subscribed to, so I can pay the money I agreed to pay. I do appreciate your help greatly and whatever you suggest we do next, I'm willing.

Centreville, VA
I know that's why I'm curious to get some peeps out with a laptop that I know works and stuff. No hokum, Honestly it's one of those we've seen virus's worms bad computers and stuff cause slow downs on devices, you know the typical things you've already had repeated to you. But in *none* of those cases was traffic limited to a flat 10mbps that's what's weird here it's like something in the house is throttling you down to a 10meg ethernet and for the life of me I can't think of what it is. That's why I'm wanting to try and get someone out there.

The two that I'm thinking are pretty good guys, I'll go ahead and reach out to them and odds are they will try to get back in touch with you work out date/time.
Bryan Laird
RCN Engineering