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Bon Aqua, TN
reply to xenophon

Re: iPhone competition makes all the carriers better...

said by xenophon:

VoLTE isn't looking too promising yet. Current attempts drain the battery 50% faster than CDMA. Apple just needs to put in the same CDMA radio as Android phones, which allow voice/data even on 3G.

When VoLTE rolls out heavily they will magically have to remove the unlimited talk and put a minute cap once more upon it..

Watch and see if i'm wrong


They'll just prioritize Voice on the LTE network and keep it unlimited. It's using the same amount of data on the LTE network as it would be on the legacy 3G and 2G networks. And with the freed up spectrum from users moving voice traffic from legacy networks to 4G networks the carriers will be able to allocate more spectrum to LTE. Voice traffic will use a very small amount of deployed LTE capacity on cellular networks in the US as mobile traffic is rapidly switching over to mobile data use and text messaging.


reply to decifal
I suspect unlimited talk will be the norm because there will be no minutes to use. Your talk time will be converted to data...mark my word.


Bon Aqua, TN
I doubt it.. It will be touted as high definition voice service! But with a time cap

We will see.. I was right about the caps on internet usages for lte and even landlines that most was ignoring because "they had theirs".. But not everyones being effected and everyones at a hiss over it..

Personally, 3g speeds would work for me just fine if it was on a better frequency.. Voice as well.. My verizon Iphone drops way more than my trak phone (backup) running through the att network... Not to mention a much cheaper made phone.. Frequency makes a difference in places..