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This is a sub-selection from T-Mobile...


East Amherst, NY
reply to IPPlanMan

Re: T-Mobile...

Here's hoping they don't. Apple holds the carriers hostage with high device prices and onerous multiyear contracts. If Softbank didn't come along, I think Sprint would have collapsed under Apple contract obligations.

AT&T LTE (if that is what they are reviewing as 4G) is all roses because nobody is using it yet. I'm sure the CR data was tabulated before the iphone 5 had enough traction to make a dent. Give them a year and they will be knocked down a few notches once the network gets some real load.

I was one of the first on LTE verizon and it was great for six months (outside of the Tbolt draining battery at an alarming rate) until people got on there and then it was operating on Tmobile speeds (granted latency was definitely lower).

The fact that AT&T is really SBC and their always present anti-consumer culture just rolled over to what is today AT&T. So AT&T mobility is really a number of the baby bells put back together (SBC/Bell South/Ameritech/PT/SNET) and Verizon (BAM/NYNEX) is no better. The only one who didnt go into wireless in Centurylink (USW) but they are busy buying up datacenters and pillaging with subpar DSL.

Most people don't realize this but the 2 big guys are made up of baby bells we broke up back in the 80's and they are moving full steam ahead to dominate the US again.



Nailed it. People forget that AT&T is just a brand and that their business is SBC, like comcast, their management couldn't care less about the customer.


Waterford, MI

said by Telco:

Nailed it. People forget that AT&T is just a brand and that their business is SBC, ...


SBC had an absolutely horrible reputation. Then it bought AT&T and renamed itself "AT&T." I thought, at the time, "Unless you change your ways, what's the point? You'll merely succeed in becoming as hated as 'AT&T' as you were as 'SBC.'" And, sure enough, they essentially are. Once again proving The Bard had it right when he penned "A rose by any other name..."


Mayaguez, PR
·AT&T Wireless Br..
reply to elefante72

We have AT&T 4G here in Puerto Rico and it went up to LTE about 8 months ago. At first it worked really well, but it has been a slow and steady deterioration since then and now it's good one day and cruddy the next.

Getting help from AT&T is really frustrating...their support people don't know a lot, they absolutely refuse to deal with any kind of router setup, and I've been going back and forth with some service rep trying to get a phone call from a real senior network engineer, but all I get are form letters.

Unfortunately, we live in the mountains and our only other choices for internet service are dial-up (yuk!) or Hughes Satellite, which I've had and dumped 3 or 4 years ago. Dial-up isn't even an option any longer since we cancelled our two POTS lines last year because the service was noisy, erratic, and completely dead much of the time.

My guess is they are way oversold now that everybody and his brother has an online device of some kind.
Sierra 313U/AT&T 4G LTE in Cradlepoint CTR500 router, 2 LinkSys WiFi a/p, 4 XPPro units, FireFox everywhere.