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Re: Enterprise monitoring

the more that i've been around these types of issues, the greater my frustration grows with vendor lock-in. most monitoring/config management/all-in-one vendors don't adequately (or at all) document their apis and how you can hook systems into them. its their way of locking you in to their software suite.
we hock solarwinds -- a lot. i can see where it has its place in that commercial-select/small enterprise market where you don't necessarily have the vision at the top that spurs the opex in manpower for things like homebrew provisioning and config management systems. these solutions are often "all-in-wonder" in the sales slicks, but it doesn't give you the flexibility to change what you don't like.

i'm starting to think more and more that you find a ticketing/incident management system that you like and has an open api -- then you put together some perl/php-fu to homebrew your provisioning system and config management -- then tie it into a system with expect, ciscocmd, or the like -- potentially using some of the modules provided through rancid (clogin for example) and then hooking your config management/backup system into its own archive but tie it via some nifty web frontend with some egrep functionality.

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