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Franklin, TN
reply to Bigzizzzle

Re: Enterprise monitoring

This is so epic-ally frustrating. Currently CA's Spectrum does everything we want from a 1 Console product. I have looked at solar winds stuff but that means like 3-4 different consoles need to be up to accomplish stuff we have current functionality in Spectrum.

Its clear we need a software that can pulling RFC MIBS, SNMP traps, syslog stuff, build a good graphical topology of how stuff interconnects. Without the absurd per node pricing we are currently charged.

To be more precise we are very IBM 1970 Mainframe with SNA networks we use Tivoli monitoring (thinking at looking at their network mon stuff), We kinda of function like a service provider as in we provide Managed Router gear and Frame relay/MPLS/etc connections back to us so they can send transactions back to our mainframes for processing.

Yes we could add the Extrahop unit which is simply a network based Application Performance Management unit with Elite levels of monitoring and t-shoot capabilites.

We host critical website infrastructure with payment solutions and that stuff is currently on Coridant. Lately we have lots of clients who have problems with their POS or transaction software getting errors when trying to process to us. So we really on my team to setup our edge based wireshark sniffers to do filtered analysis of traffic coming from their hosts to our network so our Web teams and Prod analyst can debug stuff for them.

We using Service Now for ticketing system (slow shit) but it gets auto generated alert traps from our CA's Spectrum which intern auto populates Ticket numbers in that application.

Help me solve this an Ill buy ya beers /dinner if you go to this Years CES in Las Vegas