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reply to Mike

Re: Far Cry 3

said by Mike:

Games aren't worth buying until 3 or 4 months after release because of all the patches.

Why pay $60 for a new game that is buggy and broken when you can wait some time, pay less and have a solid product?

You got a very good point, and i'm actually thinking of waiting till all the new copies are done and sold, maybe those copies have bugs (like you said) but I done paid for mine already, but thats mainly because i like the company a whole lot. When Far cry 2 was released i gave it about 2 months or so and got it, few weeks later i was playing it for hours, GFX were'nt the only thing i liked but mostly how they set it up, eventually after sometime I lost the feeling of the game.. But still its a great game imo, just not as good as most other newer games these days.
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