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Re: Cable Modem Help

said by S1 :

Looking to get into broadband connections. Can anyone explain to me (in detailed laymans terms) why the SB6141 cannot be used with Electronicbox's service, when they support the SB6120 (and I would assume the SB6121 since its supposed to be the same hardware in a smaller case) and SB6180? I am looking to join them because of their good rates but I have just purchased an SB6141.


I don't see them supporting that modem. Where do you see that?
Their approved modems they are selling can be seen here:

If you want some other modem that isn't approved then you have to pay them about $8,000 and they'll get it approved for you from videotron. If you want (videotron will test it). That is what Videotron charges for unapproved modems as Resa stated above.

Call Videotron themselves and ask if you can hook up your SB6141. Let us know what they tell you. If they say yes, then Ebox should be able to do it too.

Videotron (and the videotron resellers) keep a list of all approved modems. Ask them for it. If your model is listed there then it should be ok.

You can create a topic here asking Ebox for a list of all approved modems for Videotron:

Or you can ask in the videotron forum if anyone knows the list of all approved modems here:

What ISP did you use that modem with? Or did you just buy it for no reason and not know that the cable-modem has to be on an approved list first?

North York, ON

Sorry, I missed the Quebec location. That $8k figure was from Rogers.

Videotron's modem approval rate is actually $9,857.00, per their latest Tariff Notice.

Battle.net Tech Support MVP