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This is a sub-selection from What a Missed Opportunity

Mclean, VA
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reply to Skippy25

Re: What a Missed Opportunity

said by Skippy25:

You can use many encryption methods with email and the contents of them.

Sending a fax to another fax machine that is typically setup in a general office location to be shared by many not only opens your fax up to a much bigger potential audience but it also leaves a paper trail that then has to be properly disposed of. And you consider that to be more secure?

Perhaps, but it's much easier for an email to be intercepted, not to mention the fact that it happens to reside on servers that service thousands of users.

Additionally, encrypting email is not something most email clients do natively, especially from a copy machine, and require significant extra steps. These steps aren't likely to be handled well by administrative assistants.

There is a reason the government and corporate industry still use fax machines.

My views are my own.
Nothing can "guarantee" that the person on the other end of the fax is the intended recipient either.. There is always inherit risk. Not to mention, many of these government and corps that you speak of still use a fax to email gateway anyway. Kinda blows that theory out.


Hazelwood, MO
reply to sk1939
I work for a financial company and I can assure you if faxing was safer than email, at any level, then that would be our required method of communication. Many clients flat out require encrypted email and files as the only method of communications. So either our multi-billion dollar worldwide firmalong with a bunch of other billion dollar companies are setup by a bunch of morons and I am wrong or it is the other way around.

Fernandina Beach, FL
Lets just be clear...simply working for a financial company doesn't make you more secure... I have on numerous accounts had to stop multiple "financial institutions" from sending my data via email. People are extremely lazy and poorly trained so unless the institution has put in place a policy and method to scan emails looking for secure data and stop it...its still happening.

People are lazy and ignorant.. point blank..