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Burnaby, BC

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reply to Cartel

Re: [BC] My games suck because of high ping, what can I do about

said by Cartel:

Let this be a waring for someone considering Telus.
People want me to post screen-shots of my ping in games?

Just fix it already.

People on here asking for your telephone number to help but do nothing and I wonder if they are even real employees.

Is that a serious question ? We volunteer our free time to help user. It certainly not in our job description to action any request we received. I don't even receive any financial compensation or accolade. I am not seeking any either. I do this because I am in a position when I can help.

I game a lot online and I don't believe anyone can really tell the difference between an 15ms ping and 40ms ping response during gameplay. TELUS prefer your connection to be stable first. There is tweak we can do to help but we are not in any obligation whatsoever to guarantee any ping rate. This is the last of our concern. I would be more worry about packet loss and other factor that has a greater effect on your connection.
I may work for, but do not necessarily represent the views and beliefs of TELUS Communications.