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This is a sub-selection from New DSLAM!


reply to LFHC

Re: New DSLAM!

said by LFHC:

well just went out to get breakfast and on the way back I stopped by where the DSLAM is and some people that contract for centurylink was there hooking fiber up, All the equipment is installed in the enclosure they didn't know when it would be turned up though. I wouldn't imagine it would be too much longer considering everything is in place and the fiber is being spliced today

Don't be surprised if it's next month. Todays, just turnup, then there's testing to be done. The DSLAM has to be populated within MARTINS, then it's released to sales/

I just went through a migration from an Adtran to a Calix. It was 62 days from turn-up to moving the 1st customer over (me!).

Hopefully as it's the last month of the year local/state management will want to get their numbers up for the year and release the DSLAM early.


Collinsville, VA
its been quite awhile so far, but it will be well worth the wait. Thought about switching to business class but it doesn't seem that there is really a great benefit from doing so.


said by LFHC:

... Thought about switching to business class ......

There really is no difference in business class or residential service. You're still on the same DSLAM and your routing is the same.

Your service is not monitored, so you'll know of an issue long before CTL will know.

For the extra money the only perks they give you are only related to the service, nothing dealing with the service directly.

I will note that even though CTL is is now nationwide you still have to break it down between the old Embarq, Qwest and Centurytel properties. An example of this is the old Embarq areas use a different modem than the old Qwest areas.