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Calgary, AB
reply to ralliarv

Re: [MB] Shaw slow speeds broadband 50

Since day 1 (the old man and now Jim Shaw) have had a business model of doing the least to satisfy the customer, this is no where more evident in than in their treatment of the internet bandwidth. Because of the requirements of the cable network topology used by Shaw, local nodes must be expanded (actually means expanded not upgraded, contrary to what most of Shaws support talks about) as demand increases. This could either be done proactively (i.e. track the number of sales orders and per user traffic and plot the future trend and expand to meet it) OR retroactively (i.e. wait until the customers complain and once the complaints get to a defined level then expand. As stated - Shaw when they first entered the cable business (for TV) established the base philosophy - do the least, spend capital as slowly as possible, wait for the customers to come and complain.
Bottom line: keep complaining since its the only method that Shaw have defined as being relevant to the level of service they provide. My experience in my local area is that it will take between 2 and 4 weeks after the speeds are really bad (such as yours) before Shaw implements the expansions, but implement them they do. Also in my experience, in a reasonably fast growing area internet traffic wise, this slow down will occur 3-4 times per year. This has improved a little over the years but we had a really bad period in March where we were at 3 Mb/s up and down (and I wondered whether Shaw was testing symmetrical internet in my area! Fat chance! Symmetric internet would be PROACTIVE)


I have a hard time believing that