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This is a sub-selection from No_Unions


Glen Burnie, MD
reply to Telco

Re: No_Unions

said by Telco:

Chatting with a republican is like a game of whack-a-mole. Facts and reality used to smack gut-feelings and ideologically driven rhetoric.

Chatting with a liberal is like looking into an alternate reality.

said by Telco:

If I want cheap, I'd go to the 3rd world. In fact, these are the only nations left that espouse the Republican dogma on government and so forth. This is 2012, not Reagan's 80's you guys are stuck in, Big Gov nations now rank in the top 10 for having the highest median wealth per adult on the planet; a list that we do not even make the top 10. Therefore while retail taxes are higher, they also earn more and receive more perks to offset this cost.

Such a blanket statement....and very wrong. Other countries have done quite well and have not sunk into the welfare state that many have become.

said by Telco:

Seems to be lots of opportunity in both Canada and specifically Australia; where unemployment stands at about 5%. Forgot about those nations hey... What's the price of a house in Vancouver or Sydney? Here is a hint, grab the median price in any red state and quadruple it.

If the price of housing was higher, people couldn't afford to live there. "What the market will bear." And Canada is at 7.4% unemployment, not 5%. Australia is 5.4%. Taxation has a lot to do with cost of living.

And before you bring up medical care, Canada's system sucks. Rationed and takes a while to go get anything done. Why are there so many MRI centers right across the border? Why did the head of Nova Scotia go to Miami for treatment?

said by Telco:

So, nothing to do with the GOP congress that controlled fiscal policy back then - as per the Constitution?

Apparently, also had nothing to do with lenders fudging the books and giving loans to people who clearly could not afford them. Only to turn around and then offload these same loans to pension funds as A+ loans on Wall Street.

It also apparently had nothing to do with yet another bubble being created by the lack of oversight and regulation. By the way, how hard did the Subprime hit Canada, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia?

If Clinton signed in the law to repeal Glass-Steagell, then he is responsible. Maybe you have heard of this little known thing called the veto that he could have used. And then look into the Community Reinvestment Act to see how sub-primes were brought in.

Canada is looking at a possible bust in their housing market as we speak. This whole recession is not even close to being over and other countries will follow right behind them.

said by Telco:

Indeed, unlike the 'deficit-hawks' who started two wars and borrowed $4 Trillion dollars to pay for them. All while, in a first in our nation's history, simultaneously gave tax cuts to the wealthy - to a tune of $2.1 Trillion. Medicare and SS are direct deductions out of my paycheck; $800 Billion for defense a year and wars is not - aka an actual entitlement.

And Obama has added more to the deficit in 4 years than anyone else. Nothing was done to curb it and he had control of the House and Senate for 2 years and did NOTHING!

said by Telco:

Greece has no universal healthcare; Greeks also paid very little in taxes, and tax avoidance by the wealthy and crony capitalism was rampant. You do realize that minimum wage in Greece is about $3.75 now. However, you dodged the point that austerity has failed Greece, as Krugman and every other intellectual (non-faux news / talk radio host) economist had predicted.

And yet they paid these massive pensions and had no way to pay for them. Sorry but the gravy train is running dry. As for Krugman, that idiot said we didn;t spend enough on the first stimulus and we all see how well that worked out.

said by Telco:

GWB was the one who added Medicare Part D, to fatten Big Pharma profits, yet didn't even bother figuring out where he was going to pay for this.

And how are we paying for Obamarecare? More tax increases and no savings.

said by Telco:

Left and gone where? Hillbilly and ironically poor red states, where they too can catch gators and log swamps or get a minimum wage job at walmart.

Belgium. That's where they are going and they are taking their factories with them. »www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldne···tax.html

said by Telco:

Thanks to Reaganomics, not 1 single American city makes the top 50 list for liability anymore. Not to mention, going abroad as a republican typically means being deployed and staying around the base.

Proof of this?

said by Telco:

So all of the factories closed in Baltimore and essentially every other equivalent city throughout America because of property taxes and corruption? Personal Property taxes are required here because of our system that dates back centuries ago, something no RWer wants to change (modernize).

The city is poor and has no money to hire knowledgeable and quality workers. Therefore, who do you think is going to take up these roles? Only a Republican will pay walmart wages and then be puzzled as to why the employees don't give two hoots, but blame them of course.

Factories closed because of taxes and the lack of workers. Most of these were unskilled labor. Herr's Snacks used to have a potato chip factory in West Baltimore. Closed down. Why? Taxes were too high and the workforce was pathetic. So they closed up shop and went to PA. The local school system spits out mediocrity while everyone is "Waiting for Superman." Go look for HBO's "Hard Time at Douglas High" to see how bad the schools are which are funded at the state level with money from other counties, not just Baltimore City.

said by Telco:

Therefore, what you are admitting yet unable (or unwilling) to connect the dots is that government expenditure does indeed produce wealth and does indeed deliver a high quality of life; something that is also evident in essentially every advanced economy.

Nope, not in the least. You see, if everyone works for the government, they are paying part of their own salaries. And there is a reason for the saying, "Good enough for government work."

said by Telco:

The clear difference is that the DC area does not have 3 or 4 billionaires amassing all the wealth, rather, it has a large group of people that are middle-class.

WRONG! Most of the property belongs to the Federal Government which means they pay no property tax. If they did, DC would be rich beyond any other city. There is a reason their license plates say, "No Taxation Without Representation."

said by Telco:

Without government expenditure, a state like Maryland would be the northern Kentucky.

So to hell with free enterprise. Maybe we could be like Cuba where business is taxed at 100% and the government provides everything. Lots of upward mobility there.
said by Telco:

Imagine a business has $1,000 in revenue coming in for years and is covering their commitments, then a recession hits. How do you fail to grasp that a $300 shortfall would cause big budgetary problems, as commitments go unfunded.

Wrong again. You made the same mistake many cities in California made. You spent the money before you got it in hand. Explain the bankruptcies of 4 cities in California. They took the money and thought it would last forever when we had a housing bubble before.

said by Telco:

To anyone rational, the problem is that the revenue has declined. To the stereotypical told what to think RWer, we should never have made these commitments and anyone who works for the public should work for free.

And when revenues declines, cuts have to be made. No one saved and no one balanced their budgets and no one thought this would happen even though it has happened before.

said by Telco:

Report after report illustrates otherwise. Personally, I've never seen an entire city of schools in an advanced economy that resemble those in every single one of our inner-cities and throughout middle-America.

I have. I knew kids who went to them when I was a kid myself.

said by Telco:

Also keep in mind, their schools system are either federally or state managed (funded). Therefore, this means that they realize economies of scale, are cheaper to operate, they can pay their employees more, and recruit the best too.

And unions protect the worst teachers. It is almost impossible to fire a bad teacher unless they molest a child or kill someone.

said by Telco:

Not to mention, they're almost 100% unionized (highly paid), and their schools systems deliver some of the best ranking students on the planet. Whereas, right-to-work Red state America (literally) produce the poorest ranking students - with no union.

And private and parachiol schools seem to do a better job with lower paid teachers. How does that happen?

said by Telco:

I just love how the management and shareholders are "entitled" to profits - they apparently earned it. Whereas, the American people who work to generate these profits, well, should just take whatever they are paid and like it.

They have more responsibility and they put in the money.

said by Telco:

Money going to the top 1% is never enough for them, as they need more to "create jobs". Whereas, when it comes to the rest of us, whatever is left is too much, and ya'll deserve less.

And unions demand more and more so they are never satisfied.

said by Telco:

First off, the wealthiest people in America are Democrats. In addition, Liberal companies like Apple now have a market cap higher than the entire GDP of essentially every single Red State.

Apple as an example? They make all their stuff in China where the factories have suicide nets. They pay less per day than most make per hour.

said by [user=Telco :

]Much like the foreign Big (efficient and modern) Gov nations abroad, we're also individual wealthier than our equivalent Republicans. Contrary to opinion, folks in the ghetto and hippies, do not make up the majority of Democrats.

Really? The ghetto is all about handouts. Food stamps and Obamaphones.

said by [user=Telco :

]Of course, they create lots of jobs. These great livable salaries must be why thousands of Walmart workers still rely on government assistance to put food on the table.

Then why did people work there when times were good?

said by [user=Telco :

]I guess that BS about working hard goes straight out the window, following the campaigns. We all know, moving the goal posts once yet another gut-feeling slogan or rhetoric is discredit using actual facts and data, has become the new norm for the GOP. You guys will never ever admit being wrong - not even in this election.

Republicans still control the House and have 30 of the 50 governor seats. They must be doing something right.

said by [user=Telco :

]Indeed, that creed of yours has worked out well for countries like India - a 3rd world country. Instead of trying to learn from the nations with the highest quality of life, the lowest rates of crime, homicide, and poverty, which are also (ironically) the wealthiest with a higher GDP per capita, you'd rather follow the 3rd world.

Parts of this country are 3rd world. GDPs are dropping and we spend way more than our GDP can handle.

said by [user=Telco :

]6.9% of Americans are left in a union, so this baseless boogeyman scapegoat has gotten old.

It's higher at 11% but that should tell you that people are sick of unions. The UAW has been trying for years to unionize a NIssan plant and the workers keep saying no by a 2-1 margin. They have nothing to gain by joining.