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Ellicott City, MD
·Verizon FiOS
reply to VirtualLarry

Re: [Billing] Leaving FIOS soon

One day, if VZ is listening, they will hear the market 'speaking', and saying that demand for their product is not that inelastic (can you tell I was an Econ major???) Sure people might be a little premium for VZ service because it's fiber, and no else else has a fiber network like VZ. BUT: If that premium becomes more and more, you'll see people leaving for competitors, based on [nearly] price only.

About every year, I compare what I have on VZ FiOS, and what Comcast could do for me, and it's always been a wash. No financial benefit to move at all... Looks like it's time to do that again. BUT: I had technical problems with the Comcast's coax.. I am 200feet from the tap on the pole, and my s/n ratio was garbage. Plus when it rained, the s/n was even poorer, so my cable & internet actually would go out when it rained!!! I went to FiOS in 2005 & never looked back [until now]???

Plus: I heard a Comcast radio ad today, that was politely 'slamming' VZ, citing all the things that this thread has been talking about...