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censorship runs rampant

if canadas constitutional justice system were to actually work.... the canadian heritage minister(enforcer of program substitution for canadian advertisers profits) along with the big 3 owners of all media in canada,, would be in prison for life for their crimes against 'freedom of communication'.

300 channels and only the 'pure U.S.' ones are watchable without wearing out the mute button on the remote. Let us all turn away when a 'much music' commercial is on one of the other specially channels, to avoid eyes rolling into the back of our heads in pure disgust of the low intelligence quotient of them.

In case people outside of canada are wondering: Canadian commercials are often repeated every 10-15 minutes and its the exact same commercial and is repeated in this fashion over and over for at least 6 months in a row before they invest in creating a new version of the commercial(maybe make a new version). Otherwise any gaps in programming with no commercial advertisers available are sometimes filled with pretend 'public service announcements' that are 1% of the population trying to force their personal views on 99% of the population(also known as prohibitionists and false numbers hawkers).

For those on Rogers cable: He pioneered inserting his commercials(canadian commercials inserted into 'pure U.S. television' channel commercials streams) without permission of the U.S. station being played on a canadian cable tv broadcaster(shaw, rogers, bell). It is a crime but his company owns/rents/manipulates politicians via various shady practices(like lobbying) in order to avoid prison time and billion dollar fines. To rich people, a 10 million dollar fine is pocket change.

If you canadians get the oppurtunity to see netflix and its u.s. version, you will scream over the lack of content on the canadian netflix version. A canadian bought the canadian rights to a program/movie and then sits on it forever without allowing it to be played to anyone.

Chilliwack, BC
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