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Re: [WIN8] Why such poor task manager?

said by vaxvms:

Stop torturing yourself with the God awful Microsoft Operating Systems and switch to Ubuntu, a real OS. Lots of good tools available.

I think it's actually could be a good idea, to use OS, that was developed without a profit idea in mind Putting all eggs in proprietary, made for profit OS, certainly is bad idea though. And we see why it is now. Tomorrow company may decide to move on to another market and abandon the product (and your trust in the process). Could you blame them for that? I guess not...

There are many examples on how m$ discarded good products, people relied on. For example, I still use MS Money since 1995. It's because I entered a lot of important financial data into its database. I can't simply abandon it now, but m$ did it without any hesitation, because they made it for profit...

Windows OS for desktop environment could be yet another such example of this strategy.
said by Shootist:

Simple fact is MS has Dumbed down many parts of Windows 8. Why I have no hard evidence but it is my opinion they did it to lock out the Enthusiast PC user.

If they did not do it (abandon product) now, with Windows 8, they may do it later on with Windows 9 or 10. Actually you always can expect the market condition change and, as a result, they will drop that product too at any time... Do you want to repeat the mistake that I made with MS Money years ago? I guess, not.

Think about moving on and use OS, designed and made with non-profit ideas in mind. You'll not lose your computer environment if market is suddenly changed and moved into other direction and some for-profit company decided to move on and cease any development/support it promised...
Keep it simple, it'll become complex by itself...

Naperville, IL
·Dish Network
Makes a lot of sense, since the majority of businesses use MS. Seriously? Have you ever worked in a business environment for a real company? If the day comes when MS abandons ship, I'll switch to the next big corporation supported OS. Not some dinky horse manure enthusiast POS.
After reading postings from the self so-called experts on the MS and Apple forums, I just have to shake my head sadly.