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Ernest House
Boca Raton, FL
reply to Ernest House

Re: ADSL Filters and other Prep for Self Install

I am in AT&T Support Hell:

I called AT&T and they assured me my line would run at 12MBS and I was ready for the self install. Equipment arrived in time.

A technician named Enrico called next day and said the UVERSE port assigned to me was bad and no more ports available. Another work order to install additional port would take days. Would I like him to hook me back up to ADSL?

I said yes and all was well until 9pm when internet service dropped out. Modem will not authenticate.

After lots of calls, it is revealed that the UVERSE DSLAM open order caused my DSL account to be deleted. It took several calls and lots of waiting on hold for them to issue a "DIE" order to reconnect my order. That is now scheduled for Dec 7 (a week from now). The UVERSE work order will complete about the same time.

Anyone give me odds that UVERSE installs first, I get it working and the the DSL technician comes and moves my to DSL on the 7th?


Wynne, AR
Sounds about right for AT&T. They have some brilliant minds running it all, but hire dumbasses to implement/repair/diagnose/serve the customer.

I did a self install from dsl elite 6mb to uverse 12 mb. Was going to even get a 100$ gift card.

For the first month my dsl would resync 2 times a day. ATT decided to downgrade me to 6mb uverse because the line wasn't stable at the higher tier.

Well. that stopped me from getting my 100$ gift card. I had to run through hoops and associate my direct tv with my u verse for the 100$ they owed me.

There is a reason why they are the worst for customer service.

I would just go without internet untill the uverse was hooked up.

With their track record.. you know that they will put you back on DSL.

Ernest House
Boca Raton, FL
I called T-Mobile and they saturday delivery overnighted a USB 4G device. I had my whole house network running on it before lunchtime saturday.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, to their credit, after many calls to support, AT&T support escalated my case to what they called the highest level. This morning, I got a call saying they reinstated my DSL account and after an hour of working through a very slow registration, I had DSL service again.

Right now, my 3MBS DSL connects at 1920. AT&T said they'd work on it to get it better.

I also re-ordered UVERSE and they said they will install it next Tuesday. What kind of performance from the 12 MBS service can I expect?

Ernest House
Boca Raton, FL
EPILOG: Installation by a tech named Rick went smooth as could be. I'm getting 11.3 down and 1.4 up. Suttle is still inline. The modem comes with filters.

The AT&T process is awful. I have 3 UVERSE modems:
1) The original
2) One for the rescheduled order
3) Some unknown order presumably leftover from the original botched order

LOL... we'll see what the billing turns out being and maybe I won't be laughing.