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reply to Snowy

Re: Personal info of 1m compromised in Nationwide breach

Ah, the Internet in all it's glory.......

The problem is personal data should be kept off line from the Internet, but with companies including banks request, prefer and almost demand you use the Internet to access information because it saves on manpower.

It's just another day, in another week, in another month, where sloppy policies, cost cutting exercises and poor/shoddy workmanship reveals too much about the general public's private information.

Truly scary stuff.

Rebuilding one's personal info is not an easy task.


On the point of a free year's monitoring, sounds okay, but how many people in a year will be still using the same personally identifiable info. I can just see the sale of the personal info on the black market marked with "please open at Xmas 2013 to reap the most rewards"
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke