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Lewisville, TX

I am a Consumer Reports subscriber

And I respond every year I get the survey. While I'm a big fan of CR and all that they have done and continue to do for the consumer, I wonder if this report on cell phone providers is getting a bit stale. Same customers, same perception, year after year. Yeah, AT&T sucks - always have, always will. Why then, does AT&T continue to sell phones if they suck so bad? I hear complaints all the time. Many of these complaints seem to come from people with iphones on the older 3G network that have known issues. AT&T's LTE network is a big improvement over their older network. Lots of money has been spent building it out. Are things looking up for them? Maybe. Maybe it would have been best for AT&T not to have used the old name, but rather stuck with Cingular. Was brand recognition and customer satisfaction better for them when they were Cingular?