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Pierrefonds, QC

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RESOLVED: eBox poor sales/customer service....anybody else?

Update: 12/3/12: the issue has been resolved, Diskace was very quick & professional in looking into the matter, and having somebody from his staff contact me. He did explain to me that they are going through a temporary snafu with long wait times, due to new CSR / sales staff coming on board, but this should only be short-lived and back to normal soon. Totally understandable.

It's very nice to see that some businessmen do still go into the trenches and look after their clients personally. I'm quite impressed by this. Merci, Diskace.

Electronic Box CEO

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Re: eBox poor sales/customer service....anybody else?

Hey AC3,

we're in the middle of major changes. We outgrew our office space earlier this year and are waiting for the construction of our new office to be finished so we can add more staff. I understand how bad it looks from a customer point of vue.

On the good side we finished beefing up our network so the service is rock solid. Support call volume is pretty low compared to CSR/Sales. The cable service is also an excellent choice so once you are up and running you should be fine.

One of the thing i want to begin as soon as possible is having a dedicated team for off the phone tasks such as email answers and online signup.

Thank you for your business and i hope you will be better serve in the future.

You can send me your email address in PM from which you exchanged email with us and i will make sure you get a good service.

Electronic Box Inc. - Jean-Philippe Béïque
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I have to say that what you experienced is most definitely not the "norm" for Ebox. They may be a little busy right now, however once you get the service, their customer service is top notch!

I have nothing but great things to say about Ebox and you can always come on here and typically diskace will answer you within a couple of hours.


reply to AC3
Not at all, I've have only positive experiences with Ebox.
I recently lost my connection due to wire issues on the pole outside my home, they managed to get a tech out the next day to correct it. I spoke to Natalie and Eric. The hold did say 19mins, but I got through in about 8-10mins.