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Re: Why can't i get 10Mbit up with my stats? Pics..

I'm in an apartment building, using the jack with the best signal.

Also note that the Bell profile is an 8a.
12a should do much better with the same line stats not worse.

source: »www.zhone.com/solutions/docs/zti ··· dsl2.pdf

I want to know how people with seemingly inferior lines are getting better upload speed?
Is Bell screwing us somehow here? Chances are...

I feel it for guys that get ~5Mbit up on their 10Mbit lines while paying the same.


Oshawa, ON
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Looks like your being fed by An Old Slam, and most people now are fed by newer ones, which can run higher profiles using more frequency, allowing much higher speeds. The Stingers are much worse for running above 8 meg 7330s are far better, at handling higher speeds. and more distance not even sure your on a stinger though where did you pull those stats? if u got a cell Pipe grab the Greasemonkey script to for a better viewing, If not ask tek for stats, though attenuation on vdsl is not accurate for distance as compared to adsl.
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