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New Haven, IN

[FiOS] Frontier dropping 32 channels January 1 in Fort Wayne

Got a message today on HD box so I pulled it up. It directed me to channel 131. There they have a list of the channels that will no longer be available effective January 1. I know we all have different viewing habits and I am disappointed that a few of those channels are ones I watch daily. Many of them are foreign interest channels but I will miss Blue Highways, Halogen, and Gospel Music Channel. Interesting on the last page of their message where they try to make it acceptable by stating how much we got this summer with the Olympics and TV Everywhere and recently the addition of PAC-12. Of course the Olympics only happen every four years and in Fort Wayne we do not get the PAC-12 channel. Oh well, my contract is up in mid January and with them throttling down the upload speeds for FIOS, increasing prices, and taking away channels, I will have to take a long look at Comcast offerings.

Searching for a new Frontier
Burlington, WV
Sorry to hear that. It does make one wonder how their decision process functions within Frontier. To me it really seams very convoluted.

Seattle, WA
reply to goldrush
Blue Highways and Gospel Music Channel are being pulled from the channel cooperative that Frontier uses to acquire the rights to channels. Mav TV supposedly has very poor ratings and I think that YooToo TV is going streaming only. In Washington, my channel 131 doesn't show Halogen TV as being dropped.

One thing that confuses me is that local digital sub channels like Qubo and ION Life (in my case, channels 491 and 492 as digital sub channels of KWPX-DT) are showing as being dropped. I thought these channels were "must carry" because they are provided over the air.

Cyber Librarian
Forest Grove, OR
I don't recall the ins and outs of "must carry" but I'm pretty sure that sub-channels don't necessarily qualify as "must"... I'll try to dig up a reference this weekend...

Will check out #131 and see what's what. If it weren't for sports (for the hubby), I would have dropped cable TV long ago...
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Seattle, WA
Looks like you're right, only the primary broadcast stream appears to be must-carry and, even then, it's only as a legacy of the analog system. The digital must-carry rules appear to be quite fluid.

As for cord cutting, I'm glad it works for some but I just can't do it. I'm all by myself (for the moment) so there's nobody to answer to but me, and my sports, by definition, has to come via streaming (my favorite baseball team is remote), and I'm technologically savvy, so I should be a prime candidate. To me, it just seems like too big of a hassle for too little reward. I want to watch new episodes of shows as they run and not worry about which streaming service has what episodes, whether the boxes I have will play them, and whether there might be Internet congestion or outages at the streaming service. With my TiVo and some paid television (FiOS is preferred, of course), I don't have to check file formats or wonder about compatibility. "Oh, Suits is showing on USAHD. Let's record that."

If I went streaming-only, my status as a "lawbreaker" would skyrocket because I'd just say "screw it" and pirate everything, and I don't want to do that.


Fort Wayne, IN
reply to goldrush
We do have the Pac-12 channel in Fort Wayne, it's on channel 78. However, it's subscription-based, so more to your point.


Tampa, FL
reply to goldrush
Verizon Fios is losing Blackbelt, Blue Highways, Youtoo, and MavTv so not just Frontier. Halogen is only being removed from an old package
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Re: [FiOS] Frontier dropping 32 channels January 1 in Fort Wayne

Does someone have the list of these channels that are being dropped? 32 seems like quite a lot. My mother has FiOS in Fort Wayne and she would be PO'd if she lost her Gospel Music!