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Lincroft, NJ
reply to chong67

Re: [Connectivity] Do I need to get an amplifer and active retur

said by chong67:

I use my dish 2 way splitter rated at 950-2150 Mhz and I cannot see any of the TV channels on my computer and my HDTV.

That is because the Comcast cable signals are all below 950 MHz. That splitter is designed for the L-band signals that are output from satellite dish LNBs.

said by chong67:

What is a good 2 way freq splitter to get for Comcast?
Shall I go ahead and do the TWO way splitter like you all recommend? Get it from Amazon?

As THZNDUP See Profile has suggested, you can probably just use one unbalanced 3-way splitter like the Antronix CMC2003H: »www.amazon.com/ANTRONIX-CMC2003H···01E4T3YK

said by chong67:

I will get RG6 cable too. I wish they sell it at 6 inch long.

Actually, RadioShack sells an RG-6 cable in a 1 foot length: »www.radioshack.com/product/index···11051589

said by chong67:

I dont need the amplifier with the active return thing right? Not necessary?

From the modem signal levels and SNR that you reported without any splitters, you should be fine without using an amp.

said by chong67:

Thanks for all your advice.