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AT&T Connection Drops

I keep getting connection drops all the time. They occur pretty often, with as much as one after another.

I'm using a Actiontec GT701D modem that is set to be a transparent bridge to my computer.

I am fully connected and everything seems to work fine till the connection drop.

The drop normally means that my speed will stop downloading and hang for a period of time, normally 5-10 seconds about. It is very obvious when downloading image, the image will steadily download and then stop half way through and continue later on.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be happened? I would be happy to provide any other needed info.


Tyler, TX
You're using an actiontec modem as the 1st modem / gateway? Or is something else in the system?

Normally, AT&T only allows modems sold thru them, set to their specifications, to be used (assume you mean DSL). Did you ditch their authorized modem?

Even if, I'm not sure many would rate Actiontec modems very highly.


Yes, the Actiontec is the first modem.

I didn't know that AT&T required a "AT&T" sold modem to work. I didn't ditch the authorized modem, I went with my own hardware thinking it would be BETTER than theirs. That might have been a mistake looking back.

Is there anything I can do to confirm it is the modem? I still partially think it is their service.


Tyler, TX
reply to Zeranoe
ATT can do line quality test. Don't know if having Actiontec will hamper that (or if they'll claim it does).

Is this happening since 1st got modem or slowly developed?
If from 1st, either cheap / bad modem, wrong settings, line quality.

Does it happen only certain times of day?
If modem has logging capability, can enable that & see if shows a problem.

If developed over time, may be modem going bad (do you have a good surge protector?) or line quality degrading. Less likely - but can't hurt - to upgrade firmware to latest ver.

Try a better modem. That model is very inexpensive for a gateway. Usually would run ~ $80 - 100+ range. People complain about modems dropping connection all the time. You don't come out ahead by buying cheap modem / router / gateway.

Can BU / export config settings, reset to factory settings then restore settings.


It has been happening since I got internet with them. I bought the modem at the same time that I signed up for internet.

It happens at all times during the day.

I currently have my modem setup in bridged mode, so it isn't actually logging anything.

I have the latest firmware installed.

I guess I can consider buying a new one...

Any other suggestions?


Santa Clara, CA
said by Zeranoe:

Any other suggestions?

Bad ATT line is far more likely than a bad modem. Freezing is probably a line resync.
Post line statistics from the modem.


Tyler, TX
reply to Zeranoe
Other suggestions: Yes, try those already suggested.

If the modem doesn't do logging (or at least show line quality), you'll have to deal w/ ATT. That's the easiest to eliminate. But you or they will have to check line quality more than one 5 sec interval.

You have it as a "transparent" bridge?

People can & do get bad, new modems, routers all the time. I've gotten a couple. With electronics, nothing is a given.