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Re: Old Vonage VTA VR with new Vonage service

said by allen80602:

I'm about to get the $9.95/mo unlimited 1 yr contract offer. I have a Vonage VTA VR ATA from a previous Vonage subscription 5 years ago. Vonage says I need a new ATA for $9.95 shipping cost. Any reason why can't I use the old VTA VR?

No, there is no technical reason I can think of that you can't continue to use any older but still functioning Vonage supplied ATA with a new service. The only problem you might have is if the older ATA is still on their database as being active on an older account (but a phone call should get that straightened out).

However, my experience when I recently signed up for their $9.99 for life plan is that they will insist on sending you a new VDV-23 even if you don't use it. I tried using the new VDV-23 that they sent, but after discovering that it rebooted every time that it renewed the DHCP lease on its WAN interface (Vonage is aware that this is a problem, and ships them anyway), I put my old Linksys RTP300 back into service.

See this thread for details of my experience with the VDV-23: »[Equipment] !#$%&! VDV23
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