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Re: [Phish] Ebay phishers are getting smarter

So are most phishing sites not associated with key logger malware?
Am I (hopefully) worrying over nothing?

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said by Worried :

So are most phishing sites not associated with key logger malware?

The short answer is yes, most phishing sites are not associated with malware.
There’s a lot behind that but briefly, the miscreants behind phish sites & malware servers usually engage in one or the other type of activity with little crossover.
Serving phish content & malware simultaneously on the same URL is something seen very rarely & when it is seen is the result of 2 unrelated miscreants hacking the same server around the same time with each doing their own thing independent of each other. I don't believe that happened here.
The activity in this thread indicates this phish was well organized & executed by a professional engaged in phish activity.
Toss in a probable Romanian connection & it becomes more convincing that phish was the order for the day because Romanians involved in cybercrime are overwhelmingly involved with phish content vs malware content although they do exist.

said by Worried :

Am I (hopefully) worrying over nothing?

I wouldn't take it to the point of not worrying about anything but worrying about having a KL or some other driveby installed via this event are slim to nonexistent, IMO