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Bahamut X
Fort Worth, TX
reply to StumpMan

Re: WoW toon pics

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For when you truly must have a golden, shiny paladin.
I have the "must be truly golden jackass" armor components...

Sword is Ravencrest's Legacy (Old AQ40 opening the gates questline) and Sword Breaker's Bulwark from Sunwell.

I prefer the Phantom Blade + Bulwark of Azzinoth combo mainly because a)Phantom Blade is one of the seemingly rare ones that straps across the back instead of the waist and B... well, that shield just looks like it brings a ton of pain every time I slam it into some raidbosses head...

And as to the belt on my warlock... I could transmog it, and do have the full matching set.. but I find the standout between the dark and evil warlock... and the panda styled belt to just be of comical nature.
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