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reply to Mele20

Re: [Info] Scroogled! Microsoft Gets Aggressive in Fight Against

said by Mele20:

You actually see ADS? You don't block those? GEEEZZZ....

I don't see web page ads any more than I see newspaper, or magazine ads.

Just block the ads with the proxomitron or an ad blocker ...

Nor do I spend time with Sharpie in hand blocking print ads.

... use Fx with Google Sharing extension so Google cannot track you, you see no ads, you simply get good searches using Google through Google Sharng proxy.

If you use Bing, Microsoft tracks everything you do. So, why would you use it?

Not sure I know what good it does for Microsoft, Google, or Yahoo! to track me. I buy very little online; mostly esoteric stuff that won't interest 95% of your, "sheeple". I don't go where the crowd goes. In a sense, I "stand out" because I don't do things to blend in.

BTW, how do you find an invisible man? You fill the room with smoke.
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