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Spokane, WA
reply to xoob

Re: Constant Ping Spikes - Online gaming impossible - SLC, UT

sounds like what was going on around here recently. All the terminals that serve my areas are fed by T1 and i guess CenturyLink's marketing had paid off and gotten more people on it despite the fact that they couldnt get more than 1.5 out here.

There are three terminals, each with capacity for 8 T1 cards. a T1 line only operates at 1.5Mbits, and only one of the terminals had all 8 T1s installed. It had 139 users on it. I can understand router aggregation, but if you have more than 8 people streaming youtube, everyone is going to have a problem.......

They seem to have gotten it fixed for my area, for now.
The best thing do to would be to find your terminal and see if you can catch one of the techs working on it, as they can usually tell you if theres a problem or look into it.

Edit: I too play Leage, and was getting ping spikes over 2000 on a regular basis, often causing me to get stuck at the worst possible times and die


Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks Nemesis. Good to know.

I feel your pain. Time to team fight? Oh here's a lag spike. Everyone dies. Lose the game. Everyone blames you. GG


Spokane, WA

Yes, that, EXACTLY