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Re: OK Exede

Shutdown all computers (and devices feeding off router), then shut down router, wait several minutes, then shut down SB2 modem, and wait several minutes.

Power up SB2 modem, and wait until all three lights are solid, not blinking, then power up router. When fourth light is lit solid, then power up your other devices (computer, laptop, etc).


NO Router involved, that was the first thing I removed from the equation. It shouldn't matter though because all routers are basically built to the same set of specifications, it shouldn't matter if one is from D-link, another from TP-Link and so on. Some can do more but it's the same set of international specs to which manufacturers comply. Lets face it, there are only a couple of comms chip manufacturers they all use.

Funny thing happened when I walked away from the mailbox last evening. Amongst the post was a postcard from Wildblue saying my credit card has just about expired, which it did at midnight last night, and would I like to go the the www.wildblue.com/myaccount to input the new details. Now here's the laugh and I do say laugh. "I have been trying or should I say attempting", to go into the Wildblue site and ALL the others at which I have accounts to update ever since I got the new card last monday 11/26/2012. "ALL" are secure sites and "ALL" fall over as did "www.wildblue/myaccount". Opera did provide a nice track report, lengthy, but in the end the problem was the remote server failing to respond which in this case was Wildblue. If one site should work, I would of expected this to be it. See what I mean about laugh!

I am still smiling, my other half has lost hers.