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Torrance, CA

Losing connecting

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Realtime was running rock solid for 80 days then the connection went bad quick and frequently in the last 48 hours. The only variable is some light rain this morning. The bitloading graph looks fine but what could be causing the gateway to go nuts?
Located in Torrance, CA

Please advise

Best Regards


go blue

I had new service put in 30 days ago. Phone, Tv, and Internet and the gateway took a dump. ATT sent me another gateway, which arrived 5 days later, (no phone, tv or internet), and that was just another piece of crap. Finally after hours on my Onstar Phone CS deceided that I need a tech to come over. After checking all the wires he replaced my gateway #3 and I was up and running. The moral on this story is get a new gateway. The tech said that most gateways are customer returns, checked out, and put back in service so you really don't what you are getting, new or refurbished.