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Actiontec V1000H CFW Tutorial

First time writing a tutorial and I'm bored so let's do it. Please STICKY this for easy forum access.

So I find the old tutorial somewhere on this forum out of date for downgrading/upgrading to 1.30L.48 custom firmware. Here is how I upgraded my V1000H from newer firmwares.

Before you start you should have:
V1000H CFW


1. Log into your V1000H using Tech account. The newest firmwares I've found have restricted access to the firmware uploading page for regular/admin user accounts.

Tech_username: tech
password: Sorry forum rules prohibit me from posting but here's a link
Use your browser's Find feature and type in Technician and you'll find it.

2. Go to Advanced Setup > Upgrade Firmware and then upload the .img file you saved and unzipped to your hard drive. DO THIS WIRED

3. Wait for the modem to reboot. Be safe and take a 5min'er.

4. From there you should be good to go. Log back into your router and enjoy the unlocked options. Admin account is fine here. You will NOT have to worry about Telus upgrading you to the latest firmware after this, it has been disabled.

So pretty much why we do this (for the majority anyways) is for the bridging option so we can use our own 3rd party routers that just blow this piece of sh1t out the window. You know, routers with Tomato, DD-WRT, Open, etc.

Anyways the bridging option can be found in Advanced Setup > WAN IP Addressing > Select the ISP protocol below. > and set it to RFC 1483 Transparent Bridging

I hope this tutorial helped even though it was amature written. If you already plan to use this firmware it's pretty safe to assume that you know what you're doing. If you brick your router or something f@cks up, I'm not responsible for your actions.

Thank you everyone.

Use these steps if you're on an older firmware. (I don't know the numbers just try this if the above steps don't work)

Old tutorial:

1. Download the Firmware from here (my links above)**edited
2. Extract the files using WinRAR or similar software
3. Next go to »···l?isie=0
4. Click choose file and locate the extracted file
5. The updater then will upload the file to the router. Don’t do this wirelessly to ensure the upload does not get interrupted. Do not navigate away from current page or the tab that pops up afterwards.
6. A reboot is required and it will prompt for one.

Source of the old tutorial is:



Oh and if people have the CFW and are on the Optik 50/10, please post. I'd love to know if the CFW works with this package.

Vancouver, BC

said by Bauwoo:

Oh and if people have the CFW and are on the Optik 50/10, please post. I'd love to know if the CFW works with this package.

It works, but I'd still recommend a V55 or newer firmware.
The more I C, the less I see.


Calgary, AB

V55 doesn't apply the transparent bridge mode here, it always reverts to the stock setting. I don't think it ever applies it.

Not sure if it's because the TV STB is plugged in directly to the V1000H at the moment, or if something else needs to be configured/unconfigured before it will accept to keep the setting? Haven't found anybody so far with similar issues with getting the bridge mode to stick...

This would be the next step to get bridge mode working for me.

Not sure if it's OK to downgrade from .55 to .48 firmware or if the result will be a brick!


reply to pfak

If you're bridging using the 48, recommending newer FW's won't make a performance difference.