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Washington, DC
reply to brian19876

Re: upgrade to 75/35 and linksys router

Not at home for the weekend, but I will try when I get home.
However, not arguing but I still don't understand:
(#1) The STB and the Actiontec is NOT connected to each other at all, so how do the STB and the Actiontech communicate with each other?
(#2) Since my internet is provisioned through coax - not Ethernet - out of the ONT, so with the coax connected to the STB, it will have internet access to get guide update, VOD, etc, right? Why the need for the Actiontech.
(#3) What if I only get single play FiOS TV service only? Are you saying that they will still hook up the Actioneach for me in order for it to work?

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West Chester, PA
1) The STBs need to access the internet for certain functions (guide data, VOD, etc). They do this using MOCA LAN (ethernet over coax) on the LAN side of the router. For MOCA LAN to work, the Actiontec must be connected to your coax network along with your STBs.

2) MOCA WAN is used between the ONT and the Actiontec. This is on a different frequency from MOCA LAN. The STBs can not receive the MOCA WAN signal. They get their internet connection through the router as mentioned in #1.

3) Yes, you will still get an Actiontec router. With TV only, the Actiontec's WAN connection will be restricted to VZ's internal network. i.e. guide data and VOD servers are accessible, but no general access to the internet.

Read the FAQs. There's a lot of information available on MOCA and using your own router.
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