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reply to incognito_2u

Re: [Billing] Leaving FIOS soon

said by incognito_2u:

I was under the impression that once you went to FiOS (ie:Fiber), they would not put you back on "copper".......

From what I understand, this is simply due to the way Verizon's billing database is set up. There's no technical reason for it (except if you got FIOS during the early days, and the installer was underhanded and physically cut your copper). Thankfully my copper was fine.

The workaround I used to get DSL back, was not ordering from Verizon directly, but from one of the CLEC resellers.


Plano, TX

They cut your copper connects when they install FiOS because your copper Demarc has to be hooked up to the FiOS ONT. If they can't re-splice it, they will probably have to re-run the copper from your pole or underground terminal, considering they will even do that.

That's what a lot of people were complaining about originally is that Verizon wouldn't re-hook their copper back up after someone went to FiOS, and in the cases of new neighborhoods they would forgo running copper all together and only ran fiber.


said by McBane:

They cut your copper connects when they install FiOS because your copper Demarc has to be hooked up to the FiOS ONT.

But that's only if you order phone, right? I ordered double-play with Internet and TV with FIOS.


East Amherst, NY
reply to McBane

That's interesting. In my case, they put the fibre in on the other side of the house, and the copper demarc was never touched.

In fact if I go to earthlink, it say that I am available for 3/512 DSL at my address (not that I would do that).

In my patch TWC is much cheaper than DSL anyways and much faster.

Interestingly enough, my 2 year price lock expires in 2 weeks. Verizon wanted to charge me $30 more for the same 3-play but going from 25/25 to 50/25. No budge on price. NOT!

So, I'm going to go to Time Warner and get a free xbox + $150 for $89, then I can come back and get the same package for $85 + $300 GC from Verizon. I would have actually paid more than my $89 dollar deal, but no verizon will have to pay more when I come back . Off to best buy tonight.

They tried to tell me that cable modem was shared, and then I told him to explain the difference between a GPON and a CMTS...Had a little fun regardless. I also told him only 2 people on my block still have TWC, so it should be the superhighway..