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Davison, MI

Considering Millenicom

Hi, i am a victim of hughesnet satalite internet. I live in the boonies and for years have been told that "we are always extending our reach to new areas". I have been constantly looking at ISPs that will help me out and the only thing i could get was hughesnet. Well over the last few days i have been searching again, and i have looked into tethering cell phones in the past but i dont have a good phone and didnt really want to buy one. Then i found millenicom

I have been doing a lot of research and reading a lot of posts where people are happy, with very few people not being so. I assume those cases were that they were too far out and didnt have an external antenna. I am almost convinced and will probably just try it and see what happens. My main concern is latency for online gaming (at this point i will take dial up over hughesnet, with their limited data usage and crappy latency/speeds), but even if i try this out and the lat is not as good as i think it will be, it will be far superior to hughesnet, and ill be saving $10 a month.

So anyways my question is about external antennas, what my set up should be and how hard is it to set them up yourself. I looked at verizon coverage and i should have good signal, there is a tower less than 2 miles from me. Also i read that if the towers have too many people using them like during peak hours it will slow down your speeds, so i was also wondering if im in the boonies if there would be less of that? and if the antenna will help with that?

I will be getting the 3g/4g novatel MiFi hotspot. Should i just try it without an antenna at first and see what speeds i get? or should i just go ahead and get one. I was looking at the 3g/4g hotspot signal booster + antenna that they have on their site, i dont know much about these things but this is the specs for it straight off their site:
Gain: 26dB Compatibility: 700MHz LTE, 800MHz & 1900MHz

DL;DR should i try out this service without an antenna first? if i end up needing one what should i get.


Cobbs Creek, VA
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Don't buy any additional equipment until you try out the Jetpack first. 2 miles from the tower at 800 MHz is not far at all. The latency will be, by a very wide margin, less than satellite. My ping in prime time:

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Davison, MI
Okay, thanks. I will be ordering it on monday and see how it goes. That is your ping without an antenna?


Cobbs Creek, VA
correct. no external antenna


reply to Gfletcher89
I had Wildblue about 7 years.

3G area, 8 miles from tower, through trees, 4620l hotspot, no antenna, best signal commonly achieved about -91dBm, usually worse.

Any time of day, close to this. This was with showing 2 bars.
Download Connection Speed:: 2540 Kbps or 2.5 Mbps
Download Speed Test Size:: 1.8 MB or 1856 kB or 1900544 bytes
Download Binary File Transfer Speed:: 318 kB/s
Upload Connection Speed:: 500 Kbps or 0.5 Mbps
Upload Speed Test Size:: 256 kB or 262144 bytes
Upload Binary File Transfer Speed:: 62 kB/s

and bigger download
Download Connection Speed:: 2667 Kbps or 2.7 Mbps
Download Speed Test Size:: 6 MB or 6144 kB or 6291456 bytes
Download Binary File Transfer Speed:: 333 kB/s

rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 135.700/140.756/148.573

I figure on adding an antenna or booster of some sort so that it's not as picky as to where I place it. I'm not a gamer, I can do it, just not something I care for, but I had my final month of Wildblue paid for and not used, as well as 10 gigs of leftover at the end of the month for Millenicom, so I got a couple from Steam. Younger kids come over sometimes so I figured I'd have some for them to do. Gaming works VERY fine with what I have. I also don't do much with Youtube, but to try it out, clicking on a video and maybe count to just shy of 3, the video is loaded, playing, and keeping up.

You have 24 hours to try it out. Depends on your area, but mine is night and day better than Wildblue or the Exede5 that's here and closed to new customers. I've had this for one month.