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Westbank, BC
reply to ralliarv

Re: [MB] Shaw slow speeds broadband 50

Ditto here in West Kelowna, BC....Tier 1 support blamed me, I made a lot of noise and got a floor super who checked admitted there is saturation on this node. Minimum 6 hours peak in the evening/night can go as low as 5 Mbs on a 50 Mbs plan. Lately it has been 24/7 like that. Now off peak is OK. A tech came out again yesterday as the HD is bad and he found a problem with the signal into the house.

Long story short he says it will be at least 2 months to fix saturation. I told him the service is very often literally un-usable as is. Everything buffers if it works at all. When everyone is at home over the holidays it will be a nightmare. He says he knows but can't do anything. I have historically gotten 45+ Mbs speeds consistently, use CAT 5e, Gb devices and the modem signals are great.

The Shaw family just doesn't care. Something drastic is going to have to happen. We are so on the verge of going to Telus even though we don't want to. They don't provide the service contracted for. Guess what would happen if we didn't provide the payment we agreed on???? Doh!...they have all the power, they know it, and JUST DON'T CARE!!

Depends on the area.

a 100 or 50 mb line could make heaps of difference to a area or cripple it if the consumer base is infentessible. If I were you guys I think I would try and fix the problems to keep your only one stable customer. But then again it seems both telus and shaw keep rolling out " Promotional Pricing " and bad service in competition for the worst customer service to ensure a almost unethical continuance of customer installs.

I think in the long run it would be cheaper to fix the problems rather than try and make it someone elses problem. But it seems its all both companies do.


weewilli See Profile
a 100 or 50 mb line could make heaps of difference to a area or cripple it if the consumer base is infentessible.
I have a name you know, your one stable customer sounds like me. Inventessible yup sounds like the town. unethical coutinuance of promotional plans that find magical reason's not to exist and kick the user off within 6 months. Im seeing a theme... Bad service ,, worst customer service competition to chase that user off yup this is me me me me.... But it seems the strategies of both companies to harras until the customer just " goes away " yup seems like boths business model.