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Raleigh, NC
·Time Warner Cable
reply to djrobx

Re: Tarnished Name

said by djrobx:

said by ssavoy:

I wonder how much customer's perceptions of AT&T are just because they're called AT&T.

I completely agree. The #1 ranked Consumer Cellular rides on AT&T's network! AT&T really hasn't been that bad in my area and areas I travel to.

I'm not at all impressed with Verizon (I have a prepaid account just for my iPad), but I keep them because they allow me to turn on the tether feature at the $30/month price point.

If you look at the CR survey, Verizon didn't earn a single "Excellent" mark. Not even in the Data or 4G categories!

Agreed. My opinion... overall, Verizon has a better reputation than they deserve, and AT&T has a worse reputation than they deserve. I can count many areas where AT&T works better than Verizon, even in places where Verizon has 850MHz Cellular spectrum and everyone else (including AT&T) has to deal with the limitations of 1900MHz PCS spectrum.

I did get a good laugh at how far apart AT&T and Consumer Cellular are. The only place where they should be different is customer service and cost (and possibly overall value). Everything else is the same. This should ring serious alarm bells over how Consumer Reports is rating the services.