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[Speed] Anyone @ Comcast know when Central FL will see Blast 50

Just wondering if ANYONE at Comcast has any rough eta on Blast 50Mb being upgraded in Central FL?

My area offers Extreme 50 & 105 (8 DS channel and 2 US)

I know exact time frame is unknown but just any hint/clue or idea around like a few month time span or something?



Re: [Speed] Anyone @ Comcast know when Central FL will see Blast

Probably the same time as every other non FiOS-laden territory: by 2020.


word lol

It's sad, I thought they went based on competition.

Bright House just upgraded the lightning 40Mb plan to 50Mb, the turbo from 20Mb to 30Mb.

Comcast in my area is 25Mb Blast (which is similar price to lightning in my area)...

AT&T is doing a pilot in my area soon based on an Eng. I spoke with about doing 50Mb bonding profiles for aprox 60-70 bucks...

But Blast here is $72.95 for 25Mb.. (cable not included in any of these...) and my area has all three providers.