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Battlefield 1942 itsss back!

I haven't played Battlefield 1942 in 3-4 years for various reasons. I used to live in the game, run and mod servers as well. The announcement by EA of the game becoming free through origin has brought me out of retirement as a player, modder, and server owner. There has been a large flow of new players and old players returning to the game and the modding community as well is fired up.

I have started a Battlefield 1942 community to help people with any issues they might have with the new client and also a place to hangout with other BF 1942 lovers. We welcome all to play on our server which is running Linux server files patched by the modding community 1.61 >> 1.62 to make it compatible with both CD versions and Origin. It also fixes the latest 3 server crash exploits and raises the Max players to 128 64 (2) as it shows in the server browser.

Really happy to be playing this game again! Feel free to join us over at »www.battlefield1942.net

Frag Happy!

Disco Stu
Yorktown, VA
»Battlefield 1942 Free

as a side note...origin blows...
Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.-Benjamin Franklin


It is a bit annoying but I don't really see why all the hate on it?