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Westlake, OH
reply to AlexE4

Re: UltraTV "Video processor reset detected"

said by AlexE4:

I've tried that with everything so far, because like you stated, it's pretty much all you can do on your own, but thanks for the input! For reference, those logs I posted are from the built in arris modem page, » instead of the gateway admin page... which pretty much has useless.. non informing logs as far as I've noticed.

Thanks for the info. I was not aware (or had forgotten) that page exists. I went into mine to have a peek. As of right now, mine has events from 11/13 through 11/30. From 11/13 to 11/14 there are multiple time sync errors (all of them happened over about a 3 hour period starting just before midnight). I have the first and third errors you listed in the first post, but not the second one "cannot forward 2-way traffic". Also, the video processor reset only shows up 3 times, and I believe one of them was when the power was shut off for some construction, the second was a power outage and the third was me resetting the thing to straighten it out after the power outage (none of the media players would connect).

Probably not much help, but I figured I'd put it out here since I looked. Have you gotten it resolved yet? If not, I'd call and have a tech come out. Maybe there's something wrong with the gateway.

Good luck,