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N California
reply to PX Eliezer7

Re: [General] VoIP + Comcast

said by wcweaver:

I have had the same IP with Comcast for over six months and that is with many many modem reboots.

I should clarify that the week of Thanksgiving 2011 was unusual, and that I normally received the same IP address.

I never had an issue with VoIP, just the network.

said by PX Eliezer7:

Comcast system architecture is not standardized across different areas, because things were put in at various times, and because Comcast has bought out various other cable companies over the years.

That's a very good point.

Locally, I went from Excite@home -> Comcast@home (they stealth probed systems for servers at that time) -> Attbi.com -> ??? -> Comcast.com.

I'm not sure if there was another operator in between Attbi.com and Comcast.com (I moved from the area).

said by userofdsl:

1) Does DD-WRT keep a log of watchdog-initiated reboots you can examine?

System logging is an option, and can be viewed via Administration -> Commands, and running the command:

cat /var/log/messages

It can be logged to another server if desired.

Something to keep in mind - the date/time stamp will show Jan 1 00:00:xx upon booting. It will show the correct date/time stamp after it syncs via NTP.

said by userofdsl:

2) Can it notify you by email of the reboot?

Directly, no.

Indirectly, it can be added to the startup script (Administration -> Commands).

said by userofdsl:

3) Does it do good QOS for VoIP, like Tomato?

I have no experience with Tomato, so I cannot offer a direct comparison.

I am running DD-WRT v24-sp2 (11/21/10) std (SVN revision 15778), and QoS is working.

said by userofdsl:

4) I read a while ago about stability issues with DD-WRT. Any problems?

No yet.

I have been using it for a year and it has been very stable, but please note that I am not using all of the features. There may be a bug which affects stability, but I haven't triggered it because I'm not using that particular feature.