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[Excel] Help comparing sets of text data and seeing differences.

I have one worksheet of info containing employee number, employee name, security role, and location. Each employee has different roles that are on separate lines. For example, enployee number 123 would be in A1 and A2. Name in B1 and B2, RoleABC in C1 and RoleXYZ in C2. LocationA in D1 and D2.

A second worksheet is in the same format as above, but every employee has a mix of duplicate and new role information compared to the first sheet. I have to combine the two sheets and then spit out the instances where role names differ between the two original worksheets.

How can I do this in Excel 2007? Thank you.

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Re: [Excel] Help comparing sets of text data and seeing differen

Do you still need help with this? I think most of it would be pretty easy to set up with a macro or two. The part I'm a bit confused about right this minute is "spit out the instances where role names differ".

Maybe some before and after examples? I've sent PM to you and if you want to send me a personal info cleaned up copy of the workbook along with more guidance, I'm willing to take a look at it for you.
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