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how to automatically make cmd window small + position ...

Good day dear fellow customization lovers ... I'll jump right to my example - so for instance I want to see if I am connected online

so I run a

ping google.com -t


and I want to always keep it on top in bottom left corner

well it sucks to set it up every time

I want some one-click solution that would

1) run ping google.com -t
2) make the window small as attached
3) put it in bottom left corner as attached
4) drag the bottom scrollbar to correct position
5) make it on top (I have a program for that when I press Ctrl+Alt+T)

what do you think

I'm pretty sure a .bat script can't do that /although :/ - I'm on Win 7

so maybe a .vba script?

or some light stable automation software?

please advise...

thank you...